May 23, 2011

FireFox 5 : A Quick Look

Firefox4 was released a few months back, Now Mozilla doubling its development speed has released prebuilds of FireFox 5.Its current status is upgraded to Aurora (~beta). So whats new??

  • Interface: More or less its identical to FireFox 4.There is Hardly any change.however Rumors  are going on that it will feature a larger address bar

  • In-Browser PDF Viewer: Now its possible to view and read PDF files without downloading them nor relying in google doc to read them.You can view directly within the browser and save them if you wish to read them offline
  • Prism Integration: Mozilla  seems to trying to integrate Prism into firefox 5.But What is Prism?Its a technique by the virtue of which you can launch Internet applications like normal desktop application.It runs as a separate process,it can have  its shortcut placed in desktop,start menu just like normal desktop apps.Thus even if Your  browser crashes,it wont have any effect on your app.This feature indeed counter balances IE9's *pinning web apps to taskbar* feature.thus

  • Home Tab: The home button gets displaced from its current position and
  •  gets a status of  permanent *tab*.for me i welcomed this change.Its more handy now
  • Speed:As usual it got a some speed boost,thus better browsing experience

  • Jumplist: Finally!!phew, it supports jumplist  which is like *most visited* websites of chrome and IE9

  • Sharing:Mozilla gave a good thought to social networking.the new sharing feature would let us integrate  logins for social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter into Firefox. Then we will be able to click an icon in the URL address bar that would automatically let us share a link to specific Web pages with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends
  • Enhanced Account Manager:By the virtue of this feature one can manage multiple accounts ,logins at once! a huge welcome feature


more feature may pour in,many feature may eventually get more refined,either way its giving a tough competition to its rival browser

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