May 23, 2011

0A.D Alpha 5 Edetania Released!!!

Arguably The World's best FLOSS RTS game just got better!!!
last weekend Wildfire games declared the availability of 0ad Alpha 5 aka edetaia

New features in this release:

  • It now features a new civilization: Iberians

  • the enemy AI has been beefed up and named JuBot

  • Unit promotion is finally available 

  • It now features a new shader-based renderer mode, to support new effects and improve performance
  • It now possess improved lighting,thus graphics
    improvement,more vivid color and more realistic environment

  • The biggest inclusion: Particles - fire, smoke, construction dust, sparkles near mines, falling leaves

  • uneven terrain posses smother buildings

Eye candy - Rope bridges, River bridges
    • New sound effects: Unit selection,
      building destruction

    • New music tracks: The first ones
      of what will be an entire soundtrack remake

    Like the last alpha release,this release i s also available for windows,Linux and mac OS x
    like it?then download it

    click here

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