May 16, 2011

Windows 8: A Sneak Preview

After Successful windows7, Microsoft is trying to redefine user experience on computers.It seemed to have tried to bring goodness of windows phone,xbox under one hood

Though still in pre-beta stage,windows 8 prebuilds got some nice facial make up.The Following are the Changes That i have noticed so far:

  • Ribbon User interface:Microsoft seemed to be trying to remove traditional toolbar and legacy drop down menu system with its very own Ribbon UI,which was first unveiled in 2007 in office 2007 and later wordpad and mspaint too caught the trend in windows 7..Here in windows 8,the very 1st thing that will be visible to you is introduction of ribbon UI in windows explorer.
  • Login Screen:The login screen also got some functionality change along with the artwork.Now you can *change* the login screen,something we used to do with 3rd party software's.It also Displays windows phone 7 inspired clock.and yes rumors are that you will be able to control media players control even when the screen is locked
  • Metro UI: This really surprised me.!st implemented in windows phone,this feature really gives a modern <a bit puckish>feel  to the system.i hope this helps a better control over the system
  • Taskbar: more or less its almost same but displays user picture on the right corner
  • Patten based password: Well it seems that now one can give graphical passwords.password based on patterns!looks impressive
  • mount iso: Atlast it gave an option to mount iso file! this will be welcomed by the gaming world and you know it why ;-)

windows 8 seemed to have got a lot of cosmetic make ups,now it will be interesting to see its progresses in security front.GNU/Linux especially ubuntu have dented Microsoft in resent times with its Unique Uber interface and robust security.yet rumors are around that windows 8 will feature a 128 bit edition. With windows 8 builds are approaching to beta time will tell whether even more feature gets added to it
however it will really worth to see about the footprint size  of windows install and security and robustness

Hope this edition proves a flagship for gaming world as well.

Stay tuned for More news & reviews.

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