Nov 24, 2011

Firefox 8 released

Firefox 8 is released both for windows and linux 2 weeks ago.This version of Firefox has several underhood improvement with noticible improvement of  speed.It has done quite a lot on memory management as is definitely faster then Firefox 7 ,however it still lag behind Chrome,IE and Opera in terms of start-up speed but it definitely matched head to head in javascript execution speed

Firefox is one of the last few browsers which  still use separate address and search boxes, which is good for those who like to keep those two activities separate.But address bar, aka the "awesome bar" has the ability to search too. That tool, which drops down suggestions from your history and favorites whenever you start typing, was pioneered by Firefox and copied by all other browsers. Another tweak is that when one of its suggested sites is already open in a tab, you can click on a "Switch to tab" link, preventing you from opening more tabs unnecessarily—a useful tweak

If there are sites we always want access to(like facebook,twitter,etc), just as in Chrome, you can pin their tabs to the left side of the tab bar. These pinned tabs appear narrower, showing just the site icon. The pinned sites will also load automatically when we start Firefox.A brand new twiter search engine is now available.Now Twitter will join Google, Bing, Yahoo,, and Wikipedia as search options within Firefox. Aside from the Twitter search, Mozilla said that Firefox 8 would be faster than the older versions. It improved support for WebGL and HTML5. WebGL is the new web standard that lets web sites and web apps to display hardware accelerated 3D graphics without the need of third-party software..Add on selection dialog is being improved which allows to verify upgrading of addons.Oh yes addon are disabled by default.Other improvement  includes on demand loading of Tabs , improving start-up times HTML5 context menu support, improved memory management, and various stability fixes also feature This update also fixes 8 vulnerabilities present in firefox,out of which 5 are termed critical

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