Nov 29, 2011

Switch to Youtube's New look !!

Since the inception of Google plus,Google has been really busy in modifying its present services for better user experience.Now Google has Youtube 's interface for better management and greater social integration
  • Step 1: Fire up your Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Step 2: Visit
  • Step 3:
    Chrome users:
    on Windows: press Ctrl+Shift+J to open the developer toolson MAC: press CMD+Alt+J to open the developer toolsFirefox users:on Windows: press Ctrl+Shift+Kon MAC: press CMD+Shift+K
  • Step 4: After opening developer tools on your specific browser switch to the Console tab and copy this line of code where the cursor is blinking:

          and now press Enter.

  • Step 5: Close the developer tools box and reload the page.

The new look features:

  • Google+ integration : Now YouTube content has what your Circles have shared to Google+.
  • New left-column dashboard: sorts your Subscriptions and more into easily-clickable sections, including featured videos and recommended content categories.
  • Homepage content will be displayed in a single column, putting a focus on larger preview images for videos.
  •  color scheme tweak (new gray background) highlights content.
  • The “fullscreen” button in actual YouTube videos will receive a more user-friendly update, giving viewers the option to shrink, expand or, yes, fullscreen the video.

Recommended video content pops out when clicked, allowing you to easily exit to where you last were before clicking after viewing.

Clicking the YouTube logo on the top left of the site will lead to .

YouTube’s favicon will also be switched out for an updated version.

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