Nov 28, 2011

Linux Mint 12 Released-A Quick Review

The latest version of Ubuntu-based Linux distribution 'Linux Mint' Codenamed 'Lisa', is now available to download.

Linux Mint 12 ships with a tweaked GNOME 3 desktop: the MGSE, also known as the Mint Gnome Shell Extension. As its name implies, this is a Gnome Shell extension built on top of Gnome 3 which has the old gnome 2.x look and feel.The MGSE brings back the bottom panel and the " MintMenu." It allows you to use Linux Mint the traditional way without losing the functionality of Gnome 3.

Some  highlighted features of MSGE are :

The bottom panel
The application menu
The window list
A task-centric desktop (i.e. you switch between windows, not applications)
Visible system tray icons
MGSE also includes additional extensions such as a media player indicator, and multiple enhancements to Gnome 3.

Being based on ubuntu it poseses all the goodness of ubuntu + lots of tweakings to make a good section of users happy.Also as usual it have shipped with the latest codecs(both open an closed source) so you can play Dvd movies right out of box even without installing!Other important packages includes Libreoffice,vlc,banshee music player etc.Also The Gnome 2 fork "mate" is also available in the repo.

Both Ubuntu and Linux Mint are Daring to be "Different".It will be interesting to see User's reaction on the long run.Feel fre to test and try Mint 12 Today.To download  Click Here

Screenshot:(click to enlarge):

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