Jun 2, 2011

Linux kernal 3.0 hits RC1

Linus Torvalds  has announced the availability of next Linux kernel.But instead of calling this 2.6.40,its dubbed as Linux 3.0.Co-incidentally,Final Linux 3.o will be released in August'11 which marks 20th anniversary of Linux

"So what are the big changes?" Linux writes, setting us up for the punchline. "NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Sure, we have the usual two thirds driver changes, and a lot of random fixes, but the point is that 3.0 is *just* about renumbering."
"There's absolutely no reason to aim for the traditional '.0' problems that so many projects have," writes Torvalds in his blog. he also adds that the release will offer "no ABI changes, no API changes, no magical new features -- just steady plodding progress."
Linux 3.0 is no major update.its a usual release with driver updates,initial ARM consolidation,sandy bridge performance optimisation,VFS,VM updates,Wi-Fi updates etc.He also states its just a version upgrade

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