May 24, 2011

Windows 8 Leaks: App Store revealed

Recent leaks of  windows 8 has revealed its own app store.The screen shots of  the app store has surfaced in several websites already.Mac OS enjoyed app store and rivaled Microsoft for long,even android had a app store and which was responsible for runaway hits like angry birds( a game for android).This will be a huge bonus in security sector as the downloads will occur from *trusted* servers and thus there is low  chances of malware download.However millions of windows apps are in wild already so its unlikely all apps will get a place in the app store.may be the publisher might need to give a *loyality* to Microsoft in order to get listed

Windows App store draws a similar line in design when compared to Ubuntu software center(screenshot below),which is being used in Ubuntu(Linux) for over 1 year now.It will be interesting to see if Microsoft indulge patent *things* here :) 

the screen shot of Microsoft's app store reveals it having a similar look that of windows 7 application. but what about Ribbon UI? (click here)

It seems micro soft again failing in consistency front again!!!while windows explorer is uselessly having The ribbon UI with a huge waste of space(pixels),many core apps will have traditional menu
Also the *extended* menu will increase the learning curve even more(screenshot below)

However windows 8 didn't hit the beta stage there lots of time for improvement.Many features may get refined,Few may get removed.Stay tuned for more information

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