May 9, 2011


The much awaited ubuntu 11.04 aka natty narwhal is finally here!!!

Phew at last it really worth the wait!!!!!

The first striking thing that you will notice:switch from traditional GNOME desktop to Unity – which canonical originally developed for netbook edition.
It have got a left sided launcher,with big icons...clearly the *touch* factor was in the mind of developers,and yes all new cute slick new ‘lenses’ for application browsing and launching.switching to ubuntu from windows would have never been that fun
a small hiccup:
unity is all new interface/DE developed in very very short its obvious you might find a few rough edges

New Features

With all new interface it have got numerous features under its hood.....few of the visible changes are as follows:


As usual most day to day needed software's are pre-installed by default but this edition have got few changes:
  • LibreOffice,The latest Fork of open office is is the default office suite...this is a heartily welcomed step.its have got all the goodness of open office but have a better integration with ubuntu.This is a very good replacement of Microsoft office
  • Shotwell photo Manger is installed by default.It has got support for tagging,sorting,social network uploads like Flickr,facebook,etc.It has got lots and lots of cute features and you will really love to use
  • Ubuntu one is installed by default.With this 11.04 release every user of ubuntu gets a minimum quota of 2gb of FREE cloud storage.It can Sync folders too!just sign up and you are ready.You can expand this size at a very nominal cost
    Banshee, the insanely popular music player is here by default...this is really overwhelming inclusion as banshee have got so many features and can be considered the best cross platform media player.this player leads you to integrated Amazon Mp3 & 7Digital musical stores right at your desktop.With is airy integration with sound menu, it makes a superb desktop experience

  • ubuntu Software Center has been updated.its has got over thousands of software now,with reviews and rating facilities and any software is now just a one click away...i guess that's mush easier compared to windows ;)
  • FireFox 4 is the default browser
  • Global menu is implemented give it a uber cool experience like OS X. which i found to be quite consistent

(picture source:omgubuntu)


Hellspeak said...

I'm havin probs downloadin ubuntu 11.04

Sahil RD said...

THNX FOR POINTING OUT...the problem is solved now

kaushik said...

a brief review of unity will really help. some are shifting back to gnome from unity complaining some really annoying bugs.

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