May 25, 2011

Fedora 15 (Lovelock) Released!!! Reviewed!!!

Oven Fresh Fedora 15 is just released!!

Like Ubuntu This edition of fedora is a Major update.
So, whats new?
  • Gnome 3:Gnome 3!,the next generation GNOME is the default Desktop Environment.Its completely new environment,together with gnome shell it gives uber cool look and feel.Fedora became the first major distro to ship Gnome 3.Oh yes Its shipped with Gnome 3/shell
  • Btrfs file system support: Finally Btrfs file system support is available in installation menu
  • Higher compression in live CD's:Fedora live CD's now sports XZ compression instead of gzip,Thus redusing the image size by about ~10%. So smaller download (565MB only!)

  • Indic Typing Booster: Similar to T9 of nokia,its a predictive technology which predicts the word you are typing thus increasing the typing and saving time.
There is lots more new stuff like:

  • Firefox 4:the latest version of firefox

  • Libreoffice : A for of open office which is only better and more efficient the former

  • Dynamic firewall: A thing that all system administers will love->better security,better control
For a full list of change click here
    here are some screenshots:
    plymouth screen
    login screen

    searching file trough dash
    managing workspace

    live cd boot screen
    gnome dash

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