May 10, 2011

10 Must Have softwares for Ubuntu

  • Banshee This is a no-nonsense player which has a huge music management capability.this is an insanely popular music player is here by default...this is really overwhelming inclusion as banshee have got so many features and can be considered the best cross platform media player.this player leads you to integrated Amazon Mp3 & 7Digital musical stores right at your desktop.With is airy integration with sound menu, it make a superb desktop experience

  • Vlc: this tiny cross platform video player needs no introduction.this player is as good as a player can be.plays almost all sort of video /audio files
  • Nautilus Elementary: this is a customized facelifted nautilus file manger which really looks sporty and light weighted.+ with built in shell support and cover gloobus support ,this is a red hot pick.for more info about nautilus elementary click here

                       nautilus elementary with clutterview(left) and embedded terminal/cli(right)
  • Chrome/chromium:The google's own browser which has practically redifned browsing interface.In a short time it has galloped a huge number of users and is a strong replacement for our loving firefox .It worths trying it it
  • pidgin internet messenger:Its a cute internet messenger which supports facebook, myspace,yahoo, bonjour, aim , msn, googletalk,etc all simuntaneously
  • wine: this app allows most* of the windows software to run in linux stands for "Wine Is  Not an Emulator".it runs windows apps by the virtue of reverse engineering.and thus there is hardly any performance like age of empires 1,2,3,photoshop cs2 runs quite fine
  • Blender:this is a 3d modelling software like maya and 3dmax(but totaly free) and has huge potential.lately several short films like sintel,elephants dream,bug buck bunny are made with the help of this software

  • Gimp: this is the photoshop replacement for has a huge capability,often overlooked
  • Avidemux: this is a video encoder with quite a easy interface
  • Netbeans: this is an IDE for application development

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